Air Login 02/07/13

Secure and straightforward, Air Login lets you control your Mac from any iOS device, anywhere. 

Air Login

There are many apps that let you use your mobile device to create a virtual network connection (VNC) to your Mac. VNC Viewer for iOS, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC and Screens VNC easily come to mind.

But when the folks over at Avatron software release a product in an already crowded space, I naturally assume they’ve found a way to make the user experience better.

They are after all, the ones that made the immensely popular Air Sharing and Air Display apps. The former lets you use your iPhone as an external hard drive and the latter lets you use it or your iPad as a display device. Their Print Sharing app advanced the wireless printing features in iOS and their groundbreaking (and controversial) Air Dictate app, extended mobile dictation to the desktop.

Air Connect

So it was no surprise that Air Display improved the VNC space. It’s built on Air Connect which is their free software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform. This allows your devices to find and connect to one another even if one or both is behind a firewall or has a dynamic IP address.

And while you can control your computer with your iOS device on a local network, you will need to pay to connect over a cellular connection. You can make an in-app purchase of $4.99 for 90 days or $14.99 for a year.

Air Login has been a huge help to me and I think it will be for many other freelance editors. Let’s say while you’re editing with a client onsite, you realize that there is a crucial sound effect, graphic or photo on your iMac or Mac Pro at home. You could literally find the file on your computer and put it in your DropBox account.

Heck, you could even open up one of your creative apps and operate it as if you were at home. Granted, it won’t be as responsive as if you were in front of the keyboard but it could really save you if you need to do a quick render in a pinch.

If you want to find out more about Avatron, check out our interview from last year with CEO, Dave Howell.


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