Akai APC40 09/24/12

The APC40 Ableton controller isn’t just great for live performance. It’s also great for audio post. No, really.

We’re talking a lot about Ableton this week. Our interview with the company is a primer on Ableton Live’s features and strengths.

We also have a week of Ableton hacks that re-contextualize this music creation software for video post.

For instance, Monday’s hack demonstrates how you can use Ableton to augment and extend your limited video project music. The effects, virtual instruments, and time stretching make it easy to quickly mash it up.

You can use your computer keyboard but what makes it even easier (and more fun) is using an Ableton controller. The APC40 was designed by Akai specifically for Ableton.

You don’t have to map any buttons or switches – it’s true plug and play. Even if you’re just doing basic automation, it makes a difference if you’re doing it with real faders and knobs. There’s nothing more frustrating than tweaking tiny virtual knobs using a mouse.

Check out how easy it is to use in the demo:


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