DropBox + CineXPlayer 11/11/12

(This weeks hack recommended by editor Joe B.)

I use DropBox all the time to collaborate with my clients, other editors and designers. Its usability is really tough to beat.

But wouldn’t it be cool if me and and the other people on my team could see what each other was working on without moving a lot of files around? There is a really cool iOS app called CineXPlayer that allows you to connect your DropBox account to any mobile device. It also works on Android and Kindle Fire, but let’s just talk about how cool it is for iOS.

So imagine, you have your iPad next to you and you want to view rough cuts from other edit bays. To do this you’d:

  1. Open up the CineXPlayer that you’ve downloaded and installed to your iPad
  2. Link it to your DropBox account
  3. Anything that’s saved into the CineX folder on your DropBox will stream to your mobile device.

And editors can even further refine this process by creating a watch folder using Automator that uploads the video files to DropBox.

So a use case is, let’s say you’re a producer that needs to see all of your editors latest versions at 4pm. You can have them all put the latest version of  their video on DropBox at the deadline and then you’d be able to view them all without ever leaving your desk.

And if you don’t want to use your mobile data connection, you can stream the content over Wifi or in presentation mode using Apple Airplay. But, if producers do have LTE enabled iPads, they don’t even have to be onsite. They could be anywhere in the world viewing these videos. Or even better, your creative team is spread out all over the world and at 4pm PST they put the latest version of what they’ve been working on in this DropBox folder.

The CineXPlayer is a really solid player with a lot of great features. I won’t bore you with them but you can go to their site and read the specs. Check it out and play around with it.

Depending on your setup, this hack could be a way to improve your approval process and speed up your workflow.

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