Ben Moskowitz 12/31/12

As a leading proponent of open video and the interactive Web, Ben Moskowitz keeps busy imagining the future of content collaboration.  

Ben Moskowitz, along with his Mozilla colleague Brett Gaylor, whom we’re interviewing later this month, is at the center of the open video movement.

Here are 5 links that will get you up to speed on his past and current projects:

  1. At Mozilla, Ben helps oversee their portfolio of media projects—tools for filmmakers like Popcorn Maker and popcorn.js, the Knight Mozilla news fellows, Universal Subtitles, and other projects.
  2. He oversaw development and launch of the Mozilla Ignite challenge: a partnership with the National Science Foundation to demonstrate potential uses of next-generation (~1Gbps) networks.
  3. He teaches at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program: Video and the Open Web (pdf) and The Connected Documentary.
  4. Ben also helped launch the Living Docs Project, which is described as Events, Projects and Code to Support Web Native Documentary.
  5. He ran the Open Video Conference, a two-day summit of thought leaders to explore the future of video on the Web.

(Check out this cool animation on the Mozilla Story)

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