Fon Davis: Miniatures / Practical FX 12/02/12

Every month, a daily progression of fundamentals on content creation.

This month we focus on the design and fabrication of miniatures and practical effects, with our guest expert Fon Davis of Fonco Creative.

Fon has over two decades of experience in production design, drafting, fabrication, technology and more recently writing and directing. Fon is the creator and a co-writer on MORAV and Lee’s Chinese Robot Shop.

Fon’s first feature film work was for Disney on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Since then, he has worked on over 30 feature films including blockbusters like Starship Troopers, Pearl Harbor, and the Star Wars and Matrix series. Fon specializes in overseeing complex or large creative projects in motion pictures, television and product development.

Before listening to his daily tips, Fon suggests listening to the short audio clip below, which is an introduction to the design and fabrication of miniatures and practical effects.  

He talks about:

  • Why everything you’re about to hear is wrong.
  • planning
  • amortizing costs
  • quality & story
  • misconceptions

[soundcloud id=’69775026′]

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