Dialogue Editing 09/26/12

The book Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures turns this invisible art into an achievable plan.

Most of the challenges facing dialogue editors are the results of decisions made on the set. Thus starts the first sentence in Chapter 2 of John Purcell’s book, Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art.

That he hits the challenges facing audio post (and post in general) so squarely on the head is no surprise, considering the full name of Chapter 2:

No One Works in a Vacuum – How to Know Where You Fit into the Filmmaking Process.

Sigh. If only everyone in the content creation chain remembered this.

Besides an in-depth look at the art of dialogue editing, there are summaries of film picture editing, OMF manipulation, and ADR management.

Check out this short, edited video of a very animated John Purcell giving a lecture on dialogue editing to students at SAE-Amsterdam.

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