EditCodes 08/05/12

EditCodes is a searchable database of over 200 common error codes and messages for Mac-based video editing software.

Don’t you love cryptic error messages that seem like they were written by Dr. Seuss?

Avid Media Composer seems to have the most existential ones:

  • flamethrower timeout

Some Final Cut Pro error messages, on the other hand, read like headlines from a political magazine or medical journal:

  • General Error
  • Out of Memory

Think of the iOS app EditCodes as an editing Rosetta Stone.

The directory is an alphabetical listing of common error messages of popular content creation apps.

When one of these messages is selected, you’re shown an easy-to-understand definition and given suggested actions to resolve the error.

Clicking on the share icon in the top right corner gives you many action options, including the ability to submit error codes.

Check out our interview this week with EditCodes developer, Digital Rebellion.

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