Futurism: Hybrid Teams 01/18/13

Dale Herigstad wants to break down the walls that separate creative teams. I think we just found the next X-men sequel!

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When Dale Herigstad speaks, people usually listen. He was after all, part of the research team that developed the visionary gestural interfaces that appeared in the film Minority Report.

As Chief Interaction Officer at Possible Worldwide, he has developed, designed and deployed stunningly immersive experiences for the worlds biggest brands.

In his talk last summer for ITVT (Interactive TV Today) he puts out the idea for an uber design team:

“Rather than having media companies with silos – your mobile group here, your web group there, your broadcast group there, and print there – in the digital world of the future there’s a single smart design team that can design behaviors, that even in an automated way, triggering the devices (thereby) save lots of money and make this whole thing better. I’m looking to build that kind of team that understands all those things together”.

I’ve been saying this for a while but now that this imperative is coming from the highest level of the interactive space, maybe people will start listening.

Dale also wonders who owns the interactive space now: designers or the audience? Things have really changed now with the advent of the enhanced screen experience.

The brands control the stuff that’s built into the content but the user has complete control over the experience on these other devices. It’s a new world that combines the TV and the internet. He goes on to say:

“The audience doesn’t care about interaction design (IxD) rules. Like for me, I’m watching with my iPad or my laptop and I can go to any website I want and pair that information exactly as I want. No one’s telling me I can’t watch this thing against that thing. The rules are gone now”.

This is exemplified by tools like LinkLib that lets filmmakers & film lovers add synced links to videos and send them to a second screen.

He’s also intrigued by the role augmented reality will play in future immersive experiences:

“I really believe, some where down in the future…(using ) Google Glass (and other augmented reality) we’ll be able to wave in a TV show’s website and integrate that into the video. Your entire room could become a space to combine web information”.

Will Minority Report finally become reality? We’ll see…

Check out his entire presentation below:

Special Presentation: Who Owns the New Screen Experiences? from TV of Tomorrow Show on Vimeo.


Also check out the short demo of LinkLib (towards the end)

TPB AFK Augumentary Linkontrol from TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Doc on Vimeo.

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