Haptix 01/03/14

Leap Motion, Haptix and the Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

Leap Motion

leap_WETBy now you’ve heard about the possibly revolutionary Leap Motion controller. The NY Times and Engadget have detailed reviews and Premium Beat even has a video that shows you how to hand gesture video editing with FCPX using the device.

I’m more curious about the feasibility of using the Leap Motion app BetterTouchTool, to augment the monotonous typing of keyboard shortcuts. Will this change the way we edit? Time will tell.


haptix_WETBut if you don’t want to take the Leap, you may want to check out Haptix. They promise that you’ll be able to turn any surface into a 3D multi-touch one, so they’ll be no need to conduct an invisible system and possibly get gorilla arm.

Check out this writeup from FastCo Labs and decide for yourself.

Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

keyboard_WETMaybe all of this sounds stuff sounds too Avatar-ish and you ‘d rather ease into the interactive revolution. Well Logitech has a keyboard that let’s you interact with actual people (preferably on the beach) with a solar powered keyboard.

In the very least, maybe it will usher in a new era of skylights in the edit suite (color-correction be dammed).

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