NeatDesk 10/01/12

Digitize your ARG paper trail with the NeatDesk scanner. Your campaign is spread everywhere, but your workspace doesn’t have to be.

Many transmedia projects take place entirely within a digital domain. Not alternate reality games.

These interactive narratives happen in the real world and organizing them requires real mediums, like paper. This is an area The Neat Company has, um, cleaned up over the last decade.

Their NeatDesk desktop scanner can help you amass the mountains of paper that result from the planning and deploying of your game.

Receipts, business cards, invoices, contracts, sign-up forms – all of it can (and should) be digitized. A complete and searchable archive is crucial in replicating a similar experience in the future.

Check out the NeatDesk demo and the rest of the Neat eco-system.


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