Robert Pratten: Transmedia Storytelling 09/30/12

FRI: Pratten’s 7 Tenets

I created my own 7 Storyworld tenets because the work I do is much more Portmanteau (Alternative Reality Games) than Franchise.

They are:

  • Pervasive
  • Persistent
  • Participatory
  • Personalized 
  • Connected 
  • Inclusive 
  • Cloud-based 

So what do I mean by these?

I mean pervasive in that the story will be available on any device, at any time, anywhere. We’re blurring the boundary between fiction and reality as we do with Alternative Reality Games.

Storyworlds will be persistent in that even if I’m not currently interacting with a story, it’s evolving.

The story is changing based on participation. So as the audience interacts and connects with the story, they are actually changing it in some way.

Stories will become more personalized. They will know much more about the audience member and will deliver an experience which is more attuned to their likes and away from their dislikes, based on their past behavior.

For instance, if you’ve already spoken to a character and that character knows something about you, when you interact with another piece of content, it will change accordingly.

It’s going to be connected in that there will be a seamless transparency between these different platforms. It will feel like one integrated story, one integrated experience, rather than an experience of crossing different platforms.

It will be inclusive in that the stories are aligned to take into account different technologies. If you don’t have the latest iPad, for instance, you will still enjoy a non-iPad version of the Storyworld.

And in order to pull all of that off, it’s going to be Cloud-based, because the Cloud is the best place to connect all these different platforms and to connect the people that interact with the story.

Table of Contents

Week 1: Introduction to Transmedia Storytelling

Week 2: Top 5 Best Practices

Week 3: Production and Distribution

Week 4: Key Components and Organization

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