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We wrap up our month on Looking Back to Look Forward with Pond5 CEO Tom Bennett. Pond5, the World’s Stock Media Marketplace, is a community-driven market for stock media.

In pt 2.of our interactive Vine Vid, Tom talks about the 3D assets on Pond5, the growing 3D marketplace and content creation trends he’s keeping an eye on for 2013.

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Here’s the audio version of the interview on SoundCloud:


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Eric, (SV):

  • One of the big post-production stories from this year was the release of Element 3D by Video Copilot. Finally, 3D for After Effects! Talk about why you decided to start selling 3D objects and how it has been received by the community. You can actually manipulate .obj files. How has it been received by your community on Pond5?

Tom (P5):

  • This is the beginning of something exciting which is After Effects users being able to work in 3D. This video to 3D bridge is important and I think it’s a big step forward.

Eric, (SV):

  • The Pirate Bay declared 3D printed “physibles” as the next frontier of piracy. In fact, they already have this category on their site with a limited number of items.As we get closer to 3D printers being more commonplace do you think there will become a need for DRM-protected objects? And what could this proliferation mean for sites like yours and 3D artists in general?

Tom (P5):

  • We’ve avoided DRM because there is no effective way of preventing people from transferring the full quality, full resolution file.
  • Distributing a render of a 3D object is not the same as distributing the object itself. This makes 3D content pretty unique compared to other media types.
  • We haven’t had any big issues with piracy so far and we do as much as we can to protect against it, but it’s really hard to put a technical solution in place that prevents someone from transferring content.
  • Mostly, DRM solutions make for a worse experience for legitimate customers and they don’t impede actual piracy.

Eric, (SV):

  • Is there anything you want to add? Do you see a hot trend for next year that you’re keeping an eye on, especially as we move closer to NAB? 

Tom (P5):

  • I think that 4K video is finally coming into its own. I think the GoPro is a big deal. A 3 – $400 camera that does 4K video is mind-blowing.
  • The lagging element there is distribution and display in any resolution above 1080. What’s interesting there is the latest iPad as the first widely distributed device that goes beyond HD.
  • The latest major update to Final Cut X  (10.0.6) is nice to see. It’s beginning to be taken seriously by serious editors these days.
  • Obviously, all of the camera technology, all of the 3D stuff is just amazing. Maxon is doing amazing stuff with Cinema 4D. Autodesk is always doing amazing stuff. So I’m definitely excited to see what they have to show at NAB.

Podcast music: The wait continues and And the wait continues (Morphamish Remix) by Asthmatic Astronaut 

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