Pond5 pt. 1 12/16/12




We continue our month on Looking Back to Look Forward with Pond5 CEO Tom Bennett. Pond5, the World’s Stock Media Marketplace, is a community-driven market for stock media.

In pt 1.of our interview, Tom talks about what makes them a stock media standout and the templatization trend in content creation.

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And if you’re a Premiere Pro user, check out their new Premiere Pro beta plugin.

You can also find Pond5 on Twitter and Facebook.


Here’s the audio version of the interview on SoundCloud:

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Tom Bennett, CEO of Pond5:

  • Pond5 is a marketplace for creative content. It’s a marketplace for video, audio, photos, illustrations, music, sound effects and most recently 3D models. We also do After Effects templates.
  • Right now we’ve got the largest selection of royalty-free stock video on the Web.
  • It’s an open marketplace. We’ve got artists from all over the world that upload their content to the site and they set the prices themselves. We try to give as much control and creative freedom as possible to our artists.
  • Artists, earn a 50% split every time their content licenses. This is much higher than industry rates. Typically, most places will do a 20 – 30% split with the artists.
  • We’re definitely looking at Apple Motion and we’ve already added Cinema 4D models.
  • With After Effects, either you don’t have the skill set or the time. But with templates, you can download a template, customize it and is a lot faster and cheaper than doing it yourself.
  • We have over 3000 AE templates

Podcast music: The wait continues and And the wait continues (Morphamish Remix) by Asthmatic Astronaut 

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