Story Disruptors 12/31/12


We kick-off a month of exploring interactivity as a “story disruptor”. Video platforms are emerging that now make it possible to add layers of remixable context to finished videos, effectively extending post-production indefinitely.

How does this effect ways we edit and tell stories?

In this interactive Vine Vid, editor Joe Botana¬†(@zbutcher) and I have a pre-game talk about this month’s guests and their game-changing content platforms.

Keep in mind that you can click on the screen when prompted and you’ll be hyperlinked to that page (except in Safari).


Here’s the full audio version of our conversation on SoundCloud.

[soundcloud id=’73305332′]


The show notes are the timeline markers.

And if you listen to the show in SoundCloud, you can click on the comments icon in the bottom right corner of the waveform, and a page with a list of all of the show links will be displayed.

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Podcast music: The Wait Continues and The Wait Continues (Morphamish Remix) by Asthmatic Astronaut 

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