Simon Klose 01/20/13

simon_SmWe continue our month of exploring interactivity as a “story disruptor”. Web platforms are emerging that now make it possible to remix videos and add layers of context, effectively extending post-production indefinitely. How does this effect ways we edit and tell stories?

Editor Joe Botana (@zbutcher) and I interview director¬†Simon Klose. Simon talks with us about his upcoming documentary The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard, it’s unique Creative Common’s license that allows anyone to remix the film and Linklib… his new interactive “second-screen” solution for online filmmakers.

Here’s our extended audio interview with Simon. Also, we apologize in advance for the bad Skype dropout, Simon was in Hanoi, Vietnam so we didn’t have the best connection.

[soundcloud id=’75801406′]



To view the synchronized LinkLib “2nd screen” experience on your mobile device simply:
  1. Click on the “Sync Screen” link at the bottom left corner of the video to display the custom QR code.
  2. Scan (the displayed QR code) using a barcode reader app such as the iOS app Bakodo on iOS
  3. Synchronized links will automatically appear on your mobile device as the video plays.
  4. Click on the desired link to open in your browser.
To view the synchronized LinkLib “2nd screen” experience on your computer simply:
  1. Click on the links that appear on the right hand side of the video as it’s playing. The link will open in a new tab and the video will then pause.


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