#050 – The Medium is the Message 10/15/13


This month on Splice Vine we’re talking about Transmedia Storytelling. In this week’s podcast we talk with Transmedia SF co-founder Maya Zuckerman.

Transmedia SF is a network of SF Bay Area media and start-up creatives who come together to develop their own projects, to promote and educate the world about transmedia storytelling, and to make San Francisco a center for transmedia production and education.

It’s also an agency and studio that provides strategy, planning, execution and education services that enable their clients to effectively reach customers on all of their devices – anytime, everywhere.

In our conversation, Maya talks about her background, how Transmedia SF came into existence and her thoughts on the present and future of digital storytelling.




This episode links:

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Henry Jenkins

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Joshua Davies interview

The Medium is the Message

Mind Maps

How to write a transmedia story bible (.pdf)

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

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NY Times article on The Whitney’s attempts to salvage early digital art

The NightVision Experiment 

Jeff Gomez interview

Transmedia SF, 10/17/13 event: The Futures of the book


Podcast music: And the Wait Continues (Remix) by Asthmatic Astronaut

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