Turbo.264 HD 11/12/12

The Turbo.264 HD. Still the cheapest and fastest way to export video out of your Mac.  

(hardware recommended by editor Joe B.)

One of my secret weapons is the Turbo.264 HD from Elgato. It’s a really inexpensive way to get hardware acceleration for all these exports of rough cuts that we do.

We export approval videos all the time and it’s such a slow process. Most editors don’t have assistant-editors and they don’t want to deal with the complexities of Apple Compressor, so they’re kinda stuck.

So you can just plug in the Turbo USB stick, tweak a couple of the settings and spit that sucker out. The beauty is that it’s practically real time. If your video is 20 minutes long the export will be done in about 20 minutes. A 30 second video =  a 30 second export.

This may not be a news flash to a lot of people that use Turbo. But what they may not know is that it works with many different applications. It will do hardware acceleration out of Compressor, QuickTime Pro 7 and even Sorenson Squeeze.

Turbo even has native integration with some  of the major NLEs, showing up as an option inside the export dialogue box in Final Cut Pro 7 for instance.

(Here’s a short 5 min tutorial on how to use the device)

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