UHD Codec Roundup 05/11/14

New codecs like HEVC and VP9 will be crucial in the transition to ultra hi-definition. And don’t count out Daala, the dark horse UHD codec.

hevc-h265-logoIt’s hard to believe that YouTube started supporting 4K video way back in 2010. In the unlikely chance your connection was fast enough, you could stream the hand full of videos on their 4K channel in real-time.

A lot’s changed since then.

Their acquisition of On2 a year earlier has finally paid off with their debut of the royalty-free codec VP9 earlier this year. But how does VP9 compare with the arguably more well know UHD codec HEVC (aka – H.265)? Check out the links below:

It’s a little too early to tell how things will shake out but it’s great that there’s competition out of the gate as we move into this new UHD era.

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